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33 Reasons to Be Thankful for Brooklyn this Thanksgiving

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You have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, especially if you’ve visited Brooklyn. With all the spirited people, beautiful architecture, rich history and delicious food how could you be happy anywhere else?

Brooklynites know this to be true. Here are 33 reasons to be thankful for Brooklyn.


1. Brooklyn has the best food.

Juniors Rueben Sandwich.


2. I mean have you had the cheesecake at Junior’s?

Juniors Cheesecake


3. Or a classic egg cream?

Two glasses of Brooklyn egg cream.

4. Did somebody say cannoli?

Villabate Cannoli

5. And that’s not to mention the pizza.

L&B pizza

6. The pizza in Brooklyn is so nice we have to mention it twice.

Grimaldis pizza

7. Brooklyn is gorgeous during fall.

Brooklyn in fall

8. And the cherry blossoms during spring will blow your mind.

Cherry blossoms

9. Winter ain’t half bad either.

Brooklyn Bridge covered in snow

10. We have a certain attitude.

Brooklyn sign

11. We celebrate 4th of July with a world famous hot dog eating contest.


12. We have famous roller coasters.


13. And ferris wheels.

wonder wheel

14. Have you seen Jane’s Carousel?

janes carousel

15. Everyone is buried at Green-Wood Cemetery.


16. Brooklyn has the best views.

 1200-pixels-wide on black.

17. Like from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

18. And the best bridges.


19. The Verrazano Bridge is incredible.


20. And there’s the world famous Brooklyn Bridge.

21. And this classic shot of the Manhattan Bridge.

manhattan bridge

22. I mean look at this bridge!

manhattan bridge

23. It’s the borough of Saturday Night Fever.

saturday night fever

24. And Moonstruck.


25. Welcome Back, Kotter was all Brooklyn.


26. Celebrities love Coney Island.

beyonce at coney

27. We have unique neighborhoods.

montague street

28. Cool people grew up here.


29. Then there’s the chocolate.

The Chocolate Room

30. And more chocolate.


31. But don’t forget about Christmas.


32. The Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights are the most beautiful in the world.

dyker heights christmas lights

33. See?


What’s your favorite thing about Brooklyn? Let us know in the comments. Want to see more of Brooklyn? Check out our tours!

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