Celebrity Memories of Coney Island

Not everyone was so lucky as to grow up in Brooklyn, but that doesn't mean you can't live vicariously through those who did! We've told you what celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond said about their childhoods in the borough. But can you imagine what it would be like to grow up, or

7 Clever and Funny Quotes About the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is more than an architectural marvel. It's an iconic landmark, symbol of new beginnings and the subject of art, film and literature. Being such an extraordinary bridge means a lot of people have said a lot of things about her. Check out some of the most clever, cute and funny quotes

10 Famous Movies Filmed in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Nothing says Summer in Brooklyn more than Coney Island! From the salty beach air and the Cyclone Roller Coaster to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and celebrity sightings, Coney Island IS the definition of Summer! This section of Brooklyn is so iconic that many movies have used it as a filming location. In fact, each time

5 More Unique Facts About the Verrazano Bridge

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, or simply the Verrazano, is a breathtaking site. And she has a unique history. From being the longest suspension bridge in the country to starring in movies, the bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island  is one of NYC's treasures.   The toll to cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was only 50 cents. A lot

9 Fun and Interesting Facts About Chocolate

Do you live and breathe chocolate? We can relate. But did you know these wacky things about chocolate?   The blood in Psycho’s famous shower scene was actually chocolate syrup. Here's a little movie industry secret: chocolate syrup looks more blood like than blood does when filming a black and white movie. That's why

10 Delicious Facts About Chocolate

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but we're willing to bet it's chocolate! There's no denying that we all love chocolate so let's honor one of the world's greatest gifts to mankind with some of the quirkiest, curious and unique stories about chocolate throughout history.   Would you give up your password for

Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Famous Moms From Brooklyn

If there's one thing Brooklynites love, it's their mothers. And there's nothing like a Brooklyn mom! The following women prove our point: Barbra Streisand Barbra is probably one of Brooklyn's most famous children. Then she went and married another famous Brooklynite, Elliot Gould who's from Bensonhurst, making a dynamic duo. The two had a child named

10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza

Pizza is the most loved food in the country. Well, that might not be 100% true but according to us it is! ;) Last time we posted 13 Fun Facts About Pizza and told you about the first pizza delivery and how spies used pizza to investigate a case. Now here are some more awesome, interesting

6 Cool Things Invented in Brooklyn

So many cool things were invented in Brooklyn, and when we say cool we mean it literally: air conditioning was invented in Brooklyn! Last week we looked at all the delicious foods invented in Brooklyn, so now let's take a peek at what other amazing things hail from here.   1. Teddy Bears Did you

7 Iconic Foods Invented in Brooklyn

Have you ever been to a fair and ordered a deep-fried Twinkie, or put Sweet'N Low in your coffee or gulped down a delicious egg cream? If so, you probably praised the heavens for inventing something so delicious. Well, it’s not the heavens that deserve praise - it’s Brooklyn! Tootsie Rolls were invented in Brooklyn.